Debunking the Myth: Is It Really Harder to Lose Weight as You Age?

Debunking the Myth: Is It Really Harder to Lose Weight as You Age?


Are you guilty of blaming those few extra pounds on your slowing metabolism? If so, then you’re not alone. Many adults fall into the belief that your metabolism automatically slows down with age—and that there’s nothing you can do about it. In reality, studies have shown that changes in hormones after the age of 30 can slow down your metabolism, but only by about two percent a decade. And with the right diet and exercise, you can actually maintain or even improve your metabolism with age.

Tips and Tricks for Boosting Metabolism

Now that you understand the truth behind this common weight-loss myth, what are some steps you can start taking today that will boost your metabolism and potentially make it easier for you to lose weight down the road?

Start by making sure you’re getting enough protein in your diet. The more muscle you have, the more calories your body will naturally burn (even when you’re not exercising). Most men should be getting at least 56 grams of protein each day, with women needing a minimum of 46 grams. There are plenty of protein-rich foods that you can begin incorporating more of into your diet, including:

  • legumes and nuts
  • eggs and dairy
  • meats and fish


In addition to keeping a closer eye on your diet, understand that regular exercise can also help keep your metabolism in-check. The key here is to make sure you’re constantly challenging your body and incorporating new workouts into your routine. Keeping your body “guessing” will help boost your body’s natural insulin sensitivity—which is great for your metabolism.

When it comes to exercise, make sure you’re getting a fair mix of cardiovascular exercise and strength training. While calorie burn is important, it’s also important to keep challenge your muscles. After all, a pound of lean muscle will burn three times more calories than a pound of fat.

Changes in hormones do slow down your metabolism slightly as you age, but you have the power to fight back and actually boost your metabolism by eating healthy and staying active. Start incorporating these tips into your daily life and you’ll be well on your way to shedding that stubborn weight.


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